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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Little Kids Like Diabolos, they really do...
Posted Apr 23, 2004 - 12:52:34

So, yesterday the juggling club went to Pedersen Elementary school in Altoona to perform at their school Ren fair. I got a lot of attention from small children, as I was tossing a Diabolo around. It's funny, the most impressive looking thing I can do is literally the easiest thing in the world... heh. Anyways, apparently I am quite entertaining in my exploits. *shrug*

I've got an Astronomy test today, which I am in no way looking forward to. See, regardless of whether or not I'm prepared for a test, I still severely dislike them. I dislike them lots and lots.

And I have another one on Tuesday in Majestorovic's class as well - for which I shall actually do heavy studying for. I swear, I can't just have one test to study for at a time... *shrug* Ah well, such is life. I'll survive, and move forward. It's nothing I can't handle, and it's honestly not all that stressful... just a bit annoying.

I exhausted a lot of my rant potential over on the Northwestern Wisconsin for Feingold blog, with a brief editorial piece, so that's why I'm not charging on about this that and the othr thing all that much right now.

I want to take a nap...

Anyways, here's a little more on the eVoting problems, in case you're actually following that like I am.

Also, a few days ago I mentioned a program the MPAA is pushing to spot illegally traded movie files. Well, Palisade Systems has announced a new piece of software designed to perform a similar task for music file. CNet has a report on it here. What's annoying about this product is that it also can block legitimate uses of Peer to Peer software.

As I stated a long time ago, back when Napster was getting sued, the attempted decimation of Peer to Peer by companies and authorities is like destroying all roads because someone is smuggling drugs on one of them. It's an overreaction to a problem with no real economic effect.

Or, in other words, this whole thing is retarded.

I don't know, I think I'm going to grab myself some lunch, and chill out for a little while before my test.

Maybe I'll go outside...
- Traegorn

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