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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Do I Look Like I Work Here Or Something?
Posted Apr 22, 2004 - 12:32:37

Okay, so this is what happens - I'm walking around somewhere, minding my own business, when people walk up to me and start treating me like I work where-ever I am at that moment. It happens in pretty much any retail store I go into, it happens in grocery stores, and it happens on campus now too. Last night, I was at the Anime Appreciation Society meeting in Davies Center. At one point, I left the meeting and walked downstairs to buy a Coke. When I got downstairs this guy walks up to me and asks me if I can unlock a room for him.

I look at him with a puzzled expression.

He then says, "Well, you work here, right?" to which I respond politely that I don't. He then asks if I've seen one of the custodians, who he mentions by name - and since I have no idea who a that is... I am forced to tell him no. Now, I don't dress like the student managers, and I'm not wearing a custodian's uniform (and this guy was obviously more familiar with them than I was) so I have to ask... why the heck did this guy think I worked at Davies?

My only theory is that I carry myself like I'm supposed to be doing something - with a clear direction. And most people assume that if you look like you know where you're going and what you're doing that you must be an employee of the place... either that, or it's the fact that I wear my keys on my belt... But that would only explain last night, and not the times it happens in retail stores.

I don't frickin' get it.

Yesterday was pretty good though, even including that odd situation. After the basic routine (Go to class, go online, go to next class), I watched movies with Leah for a few hours, then I went to AAS (as mentioned above) and finished it off with watching this weeks West Wing and Law and Order (which I had taped earlier this evening). Then I went to bed after talking with some people online.

Maybe that's not all that exciting, but it was fun none the less.

In the world of news that I pay attention to, the FBI just raided several schools in a crackdown on pirated music and movies... waitaminute, the FBI raided schools for this? Guys, this is getting to a fascist, scary state. I am not happy with this course of action.

Oh, and since I've been ranting about electronic voting over time, I figured I'd mention this Associated Press Article about problems with eVoting in California. It's definitely worth a read, especially if you're a paranoid son of a bitch like I am.

Finally, on a much more fun note, someone is auctioning off a replica of the Back to the Future Delorean on eBay. Hey, if I had thousands of dollars to spend I'd be bidding on it too. I mean, that would just be fun to drive around it. Can you imagine pulling up to a stoplight and the time machine pulling up along side you?

Yeah, that'd be cool.
- Traegorn

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