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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I am Healthy. Let's all celebrate.
Posted Apr 20, 2004 - 12:57:59

As I mentioned on the forums yesterday, I am healthy, not sick, and the world is happy and bright. A healthy Trae is a happy Trae. Now I just have a damned Health Services bill to pay.

Wasted time last night hanging out with Leah that I should have spent doing homework... so I had to stay up until 3am working on things to make up the time. I've rediscovered the wonders of caffiene... yes...

Since writing that paragraph, I just had a rather loud, semi-intense conversation about national politics at the tables here in Davies center. That was fun. I got to rant for two minutes, barely coming up for air. I can talk really fast...

Anywho, I have a couple of interesting things to bring up today. First off, as I know most of my readers are on broadband internet access, there is a really interesting New York Times article about how most people are actually happy with dialup. What the heck? Apparently, 60% of all dialup users want to stay with dialup. Out of those who want to switch to broadband, most of them are men... which is really not surprising - as Computer culture has partially replaced car culture amongst certain portions of the population.

Also, since I know most of you broadband users are using their internet access from University or College networks (Befu, Leah, Thor, etc.), you might want to read this CNet article on something the MPAA is doing. What they're trying to do is get Universities and Colleges to run software which would automatically find people swapping "illegal" files, and automatically restrict their access without having to page a human being. This bothers me, as I don't particularly trust their algorithms for detection.

The MPAA's reasoning is the same as the RIAA's, claiming that they're losing lots of money because of illegal file trading. I say, they're losing lots of money because of the illegal tapes being sold by some guy in a Singapore street market.

Oh yeah, and the EFF is fighting dubious patents, but I doubt most of you care about that. I'm mostly posting that for my own benefit.

But I digress, I have stuff I need to do still... so JUMP ON THE FORUM or I'll smite you. I know you're reading this...
- Traegorn

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