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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Hoping My Phone Doesn't Ring....
Posted Apr 19, 2004 - 14:34:14

My phone is sitting there, taunting me. I don't want it to ring, because if it does, it means something is wrong. If my phone remains silent, it means everything turned out the way I hoped... so I'm crossing my fingers, hoping that my phone's ringer does not jump to life.


I've changed the poll, even though the old one only went up this weekend. Why? Because the old poll was just meant to be a test of the system, and while it was kind of funny... it just wasn't inspiring enough to cause discussion in my opinion. *grin* Needless to say, this particular poll was inspired by the legions of girls who seem to flock to my site... I'm sure there are an equal number of guys visiting, but the girls are the ones willing to admit it.

I've added Befu's blog to the roll of blogs on the right (I had quietly added Leah's and Becca's blogs over the past two weeks as well, but I didn't say anything either time). You know, I sure do syndicate the blogs of a lot of girls... I could add Brian's blog to the list, but since he hasn't bothered showing up in the forums lately, I don't know if I want to bother. *cough* I want to syndicate the Pig, since I read it every frickin' day, but they don't offer an RSS feed, so I can't. The jerks...

But I digress.

Oi... it's such a weird time to be alive in the world these days. Bush has been going around promoting the USA PATRIOT ACT, which just makes me wonder if 2004 could end up becoming like 1984... well, probably not that bad, but still. The Patriot Act is the most disgusting, un-American piece of legislation to ever get passed through Congress and signed into law. Anyone who supports it, and understands it's implications, is an enemy of freedom and democracy in my opinion. But hey, that's just me, the guy who carried a copy of the constitution around with him until it disintegrated...

On a less preachy note, I have something a little more entertaining to share. I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but the Pig posted a link to a really funny, yet insightful website the other day: It's worth a gander, and is quite entertaining.

Anywho, I think I'll leave you with that for now... I shall return to staring at my phone hoping it DOESN'T ring anytime soon...

...don't ring...don't ring...
- Traegorn

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