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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Social Anxiety, Chibi Me, and our President the monkey - a varied rant, which does not mention Condoleezza Rice being a transvestite (which she isn't).
Posted Apr 14, 2004 - 14:30:53

So, I'm getting off my ass and doing the stuff that needs to be done today. Huzzah. I do, however, have a crapload of homework that needs to get done too...


In anycase, my usual massive amounts of social anxiety have been overcome for today, and that's a good thing. Most people don't realize how much I freak out about certain things. It's a massive problem for me, really. I have problems going up to service windows, talking to staff, and many other things. Which is wholey bizarre, because I perform incredibly well as a salesperson, in work environments, on stage, and am a decent public speaker. It's mildly ironic: I feel at ease standing, speaking, and performing before huge crowds, but not going to the bank and talking to a teller. Now, I can DO all of these things that scare me, and function in society - so it's not a massive problem... but it's still one I deal with everyday.

But now that I've ranted a bit, I do want to point out something that I find very odd and hilarious. Apparently, a small trend of drawing me in Chibi style has begun on the NoBrandCon Forums. It's fortunately only two images right now, but if this continues... yipes.

The first person who did it was Befu (the one who I had the Pie conversation with) with her bizarre image of chibi me which you can see by clickin' here. The creepy thing about that image is that I was wearing that outfit when she showed it to me.

The second is a bizarre take on a running gag... See, I am a fan of Pre-Gangsta' look Mini Moni (which is sadly breaking up... but I digress). I'm not sure why, but this J-Pop subgroup of the Hello Project has fascinated me for a while. Mostly, I just make jokes of "The Tragedy of the life of Mika", who is the group's token "American". Well, because of this, another NBC board member, MoMo, decided to draw me as Mika from Mini Moni. You can see the image by doing the "click here" thing. It's truly a frightening sight... but quite amusing.

Finally, I did watch a bit of the press conference that Bush held last night. I could spend time talking about it, but I think that the New York Times and Washington Post summed up my own thoughts quite clearly already.

Bah. In the end, I can't wait until we can get America's Chimp out of office...
- Traegorn

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