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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Condoleezza Rice is a Transvestite, I have photos.
Posted Apr 13, 2004 - 15:08:40

Okay, so maybe I don't. Since we changed message board systems, I have had less and less random hits from odd keywords. So, rather than be outdone by something like the Pig (We're dropping on the search results for "Hebrew Porn"), I felt the need to have a nonsensical keyword combination in this entry. I've been updating like crazy these last two days, but don't worry - I'll slow back down to my once a day/every two days crawl soon. I just had to share this with you.

I was having an IM conversation last night with Befu last night on AIM, and we had the most random conversation that almost bordered on my now infamous duck effect rant. It is the story of the Great Dessert Wars. I am Traegorn (of course) and Seischiro is Befu:

Traegorn: I like pie.
seischiro: french silk pie is good. it's the only pie i eat.
Traegorn: It is my favorite pie
seischiro: mine too.
Traegorn: It is king of pies! I declare it. All other pies bow to it's greatness.
seischiro: if pies could bow, would they?
seischiro: but then wouldn't they overthrow the monarchy and institute some other form of govenment?
Traegorn: Well, they tried - but the great French Silk armies crushed the foolish rebellion, with the help of the neighboring Cheesecake empire.
seischiro: but won't they rise again, with the help of ala mode pies?
Traegorn: The attitudes of the ala mode pies changes too constantly for them to be a reliable ally in battle, so the rebels don't trust them.
seischiro: hm. what about danish pastries? they may help the other pies for the sake of getting rewarded
Traegorn: Well, while they can help, they do not have the substance to withstand a basic chocolate assault.
seischiro: true...but what about cream puffs?
Traegorn: They're a bunch of cream puffs. Do I even have to make the joke? :-P
seischiro: hehehe.
Traegorn: *nods*
seischiro: marzipan? all sugary goodness?
Traegorn: Sugary evilness.
seischiro: overlords?
Traegorn: They were the ones who were overthrown by the French Silk Pie family.
Traegorn: Now the Marzipan is scattered in exile.
seischiro: owch.
Traegorn: Yes. And now you know more about the history of the great dessert wars.
seischiro: that i do. thank you for enlightening me trae.
Traegorn: You're quite welcome. I am a scholar of many things. :-)
- Traegorn

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