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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Utter Chaos, Confusion, and Complications
Posted Apr 12, 2004 - 19:55:03

The letter C is apparently the most common word for things to start with today. *shrug*

The Brainspike was awesome. I have now watched enough anime to fill me for months... but I'll just go watch more next week I guess. My god, we've done far too many Brainspikes this semester... I remember when it was just a once a semester event - and now we've done three. The Inuyasha 'spike this weekend was almost 60 hours long though... wow. That's the longest brainspike we've ever done - beating the previous 30 hour Kimagure Orange Road brainspike (HardKOR: The Orange Road to Oblivion) by a factor of two.

My personal life managed to complicate itself, but things are mostly sorted out. Heh, I can always make something simple and straight forward about a zillion times more complicated than it has to be, but in the end everything seems to have worked itself out...

...of course, I say that, but with my luck it will more thank likely just blow up in my face later... At least I hope not.


Anyways, in the "I'm bored and looking at news online department", I just read an article about the music industry's ludicrous claim that 99 cents a song isn't expensive enough. Gaarrrhhhggghhh.... My head is going to explode. 99 cents a song is a fair price, but in my opinion it's rather high already, considering the entire point is to draw people away from FREE pirated filesharing. This whole thing is just retarded. I'm going to slam my head into a wall for a while, and hope that someone explains the concepts of competitive economics to the RIAA...

Speaking of music, I was introduced to the funniest thing I've ever heard yesterday. Now, I'm a fan of Nickleback - but it's true that a lot of their songs sound very similar. Well, to prove that two of their songs were almost the exact same song (from chord progression, to chorus structure, to the bridge of the song) some guy combined the two songs into one track. Give it a listen, it's quite amusing.

In anycase, I'm going to kick back and watch the rest of this episode of DS9, and relax. It's been a very odd weekend, and I have some homework to finish.

Oh yeah, and to help the Pig: "Positron Glider".
- Traegorn

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