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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Japanese Films, and get ready to head to Milwaukee...
Posted Mar 19, 2004 - 17:26:23

Yeah, so I took my Astronomy midterm today, it was quite unexciting. I think I did fairly well, but I'm not sure. I don't expect to get less than a B on it, so I'm obviously not worried... I just want to do better than that.

I stumbled across a trailer the other day, for a movie called CASSHERN. It appears to be based off the anime series "Casshan: Robot Hunter", and looks pretty sweet. I'm interested in finding out more about this flick, because all things aside, the visuals are gorgeous. Go ahead, and watch the trailer. I can't wait until the fansubbers get their hands on this...

I still have yet to watch Battle Royale 2, even though Kevin has it. I love the first one, and I severely reccomend it for anyone who wants to watch a bizarre film about human nature. Imagine that you were told the only way you could live is by killing everyone who you went to high school with: not just your "enemies" but your best friends and boy/girl friends too. How would you react? What would you do?

It's just so creepy, it's good.

It surprises me how few people I know have heard of Juon as well. If you haven't seen Juon, do it. It's the scariest series of horror films EVER. Of course, Sam Raimi has secured the rights to do a remake... so who knows what the hell he's going to do to the masterpiece. Honestly though, I can't think of another American director who could do it.

So, on to non-movie stuff. I'll be down in Milwaukee for the next week - chillin', mixing it up... probably just reading lots of books, so if you want to get ahold of me while I'm down there, give me a call (at my parent's house or my cellphone) or shoot me an e-mail. I'm amazingly accessable. Really.

This spring break, I'm on a mission. I've got a lot of webstuff to work on too, as I am way behind on working on the IBS page, and the OA website. I also want to get some artwork done, and see if I can at least write some scripts for a comic. I need to get back in the creative swing while I have the chance. I also need to work on getting a job for this summer... which ought to be less than fun. I hate job applications, really I do.

Ah well, I have to get back to packing, I leave with Pokey at 5:00pm, so I better get moving. Alas dorm room, I will see you in a week...
- Traegorn

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