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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Stomach Stress Ball Countdown!
Posted Mar 8, 2004 - 21:35:39

That's right, as the con approaches, I get more and more stress jumpy.

This isn't neccessarily a bad thing, per say, as this is mostly just me being excited, and nothing more.

*bounces around*

Anyways, Derek (and Chris and Heather) show up on Thursday - and the Con is Friday.... yeah. I'm so excited it hurts.

*bounces around again*

Okay, I'll stop that.

I've done a couple of updates around the site, which you may not have noticed. Mostly it's just forum updates, but it's a little bit more than that. I've added my articles from the Flipside to the website, as well as shifting the Craptacular Web over to the new system. This will allow people to reply to the Craptacular Web articles again, as well as let you all read the articles I've been irregularly churning out in the Flipside in their original, unedited form... mostly. Sometimes I'll post the edited version, sometimes the original. Depends on whichever I like better.

I've also added a new Shaq Fu Forum to the Do You Shaq Fu? area of the site. Earthshattering? Probably not. But I hope to snag some of the DYSF? passerbys that frequent this page, but don't always come back.

In different, and completely Otaku news, has reported something kind of neat, which is that by the end of 2005, all of the studio Ghibli films are going to be out in the US, and that Princess Mononoke will get a theatrical rerelease (subtitled!). I think that's really neat. Of course, I'm just some hopeless American Otaku, so what do I know?

I'm just still getting jittery about the convention... it's so cool...
- Traegorn

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