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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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No School Today...
Posted Mar 5, 2004 - 13:13:38

...if only they'd e-mailed me before I walked down the hill...

...but I digress. Today is my day of unexpected relaxation. My short term money crisis has been averted completely - and I'm currently going through the process of looking through job listings...

...I need to make sure my resume is updated, yeesh.

Why is it that I can get up on a stage, and perform, and not feel stressed, but making a phone call or writing an e-mail to a prospective employer stresses the heck out of me? What's that? I've got a room full of strangers at a convention and I need to do a presentation? No problem -- I'm at home. But ask me to respond to a help wanted ad, and I start stressing out like nobody's business...

...heh. Go figure.

But, again, I'm getting off my ass and doing this.

Again though, school got cancelled today because of a snow storm. I've never seen that happen at UW Eau Claire before. Apparently the snow is so dense, that it was taking them too long of a time to clean it up, and the roads weren't safe this morning... It's just kind of weird though. I mean, I woke up to thunder, and lightning... and snow.

Huh. Never seen anything quite like *that* before. Kind of neat, really.

But I need to get back to writing an e-mail, so I'll end this one a little short today...
- Traegorn

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