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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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My tummy hurts...
Posted Mar 1, 2004 - 14:39:36

I shouldn't have eaten those cookies. I really shouldn't have.

Alex was all like "Want a cookie?" so I was all like "Yeah, I want a cookie!"

So I ate a cookie. Or three. And they were far too rich for my empty stomach. Ick. Full. Not fun.

I have a butload of research (that's right, an entire buttload) to get done tonite. The paper I'm writing doesn't need to be finished until next week, but I need to hand in a list of sources tomorrow... so I need to dig up the sources now.

Grrr... hate hate hate.

Anyways, I'll survive. But that doesn't change the fact that my tummy hurts right now.

On the upside, it's really kind of neat out. It's really damp out, in kind of a pre-rain (we have chances for thunderstorms later). I love that. The world just seems tensed to pounce. The birth of spring is looming large, and the world seems ready for it.

Yay. I love Fall and Spring more than any other time of year for simple reasons. They are times of change, and transformations. Now, I know - you may say "Trae, you've been historically resistant to change! Why on earth are these times of change your favorite part of the year?" Well, to you I say "pppbbbllltthhhhh" (that's pronounced by sticking out your tongue and blowing - I think we've all done it before). I am not as resistant to change as I used to be, and frankly - rebirth and transition seem to be the only remaining constants in my life.

And I think I kind of like that, on some level.

Either way, the way the world just seems to be ready to jump to life, and rain fall from the sky, thunder crash, and lightning streak. And it's exhilerating.

Such is life. But that's why Spring is my second favorite season. I'm still a big fan of Autumn, first and foremost, but Spring holds a definite place in my heart.

But my tummy still hurts.
- Traegorn

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