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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I now have someone to blame my hate mail on...
Posted Feb 28, 2004 - 22:38:02

...or at least some of it.

I just hope that my editor gets my e-mail before he finalizes the next edition of the Flipside... why? Because the edited version of my piece takes the line where I call myself "Mr. I-irrationally-hate-the-Greeks", and replaced it with "Mr. I-rationally-hate-the-Greeks" (Greeks refers to Frats, not the people of Greece). Also, he changed "Could I be wrong? Sure..." to "Could I be wrong? No..." reversing the meaning yet again. Why did he do it? Because he thought they were typos...

...I was attempting to defuse anger with that sentence, and now it may just further incite the white-baseball capped, khaki shorted army to show up at my door in a drunken lynch mob.

Heck, there are plenty who fit the pre-frat mold on my dorm floor... they'd probably all help as part of pledging to Fiji house or something...

My article is, well... offensive at best. But I wanted to at least disclaim my hatred of the frats by explaining that I am well aware that they are stereotypes and prejudices that I hold. I wanted to explain that I'm admitting that I could be wrong, even I don't think I am.

Instead, my editor has adjusted my article to represent the arrogant asshole persona that many of the readers think I have, after my blazing tone in my first article.

But I had backup for the statements I made in the first article, and since I don't have the same this time around, I was disclaiming my words. I don't like making a statement that I can't argue people into the ground with, unless I disclaim it with a "I could be wrong."

My opinion, in this case, could be one without foundation, and I just wanted to admit that within the article. While that may make it less entertaining - it makes it more like me.

Grrr... when I find Brian...

Anyways, I told my editor they weren't mistakes in an e-mail - and hopefully he switches my meaning back. I mean, it's my name on the article. And a school of less than 10,000 can become awfully small when people want to try and find you...

*Smacks head into wall*

[Update 10:40pm: I didn't find Brian, but I found the managing editor and showed him the mistakes. More than likely they'll get fixed now... I hope.]
- Traegorn

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