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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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And it's story time.
Posted Feb 16, 2004 - 2:45:37

I'm getting ready to go to sleep now. Had to finish writing a paper for English and all.. yeesh.

I had an overall decent weekend, I guess. Today was kind of relaxed, and laid back - without any major events, tragedies, excitments, or disappointments - so it was fairly calm.

I stopped by Chancellors while Gojira and a few other people were playing DDR. I also talked with Kevin for a while, and had an otherwise unexciting, but not unenjoyable time.

I'm in the mood to tell an entertaining story tonite. This is a story told through my own fuzzy recollections, so I might not have details right or anything... but just appreciate it for what it is.

This one is about something that happened with myself and Derek (Roach) back when we were in High School.

Derek and I went out to the local Variety & Supply, to pick up some stuff. Why we were there is a different story altogether... but that's the setup.

Running the store's register was a very attractive young woman. Now, this is where Derek's and my reactions differ. My first thoughts were just simply "oh look, it's a cute girl." Derek's thoughts though were more along the lines of "oh look, it's a cute girl... I could really embarrass Trae, and it'll be funny."

Derek, while a fun guy, is a total bastard some days.

As we approached the checkout lane, Derek decided to make the strangest proclamation I have ever heard. Derek loudly stated, completely out of nowhere, that he'd like to have sex with everyone's least favorite daytime television mogul Martha Stewart. He then pontificated on the subject for the entirety of our checkout. Of course, looking back at it, I do have to admit that the horrified expression on the cashier's face was pretty amusing; however, at the time I did not see the humor in the events.

And that's my story. Digest.
- Traegorn

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