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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Posted Jan 9, 2004 - 15:19:14

I added a new article to The Craptacular Web last night. Sadly, this review isn't all that funny. I swear, I have to go back to reviewing stupid people's sites, and not the sites of people who disgust me. I mean, it's really easy to make jokes about dumb white rappers. Really, it is. But in my opinion there is nothing funny about child molesters. Nothing whatsoever.

I tweaked the menu's over in "Digital Obscuria". I had forgotten to update them to the current design, apparently. I felt a little foolish about that, really. What made me feel dumb though, was noticing a misspelling on one of the pages. Now, it's one thing for me to make a mistake -- that's no big deal. But for me to make a mistake and leave it there for two freaking years? Yeesh... I just felt dumb when I noticed it.

Sometime soon I'll be finally adding an "Articles" section to the website for a couple various pieces I've written. It'll be a clearing house for my articles that I submit to "The Flipside" and other papers I've written. Not much of a big deal really, but something I've been meaning to do for a while.

I've been working on making RSS feeds for the and message boards. Right now I've got a couple of semi-working feeds that I'm testing out, but I want to get more kinks out of the system before I release it to the public. No big deal.

My sister left town yesterday, taking a flight back to DC. Before she left, the whole family went out the New Chinese Buffett. It was a pretty good meal, actually. That, and, they had a pocket Ninja maching there - and while I could only afford one ninja (I only had one quarter on my) - I've now gotten a replacement of the exact same ninja I gave away at NoBrandCon 2's Shaq-Fu tournament. (ShaqFu!)

I do want to restate that this site is still the number one result on google for Shaq-fu. Booyeah.

And, as I said last spring/summer, daytime television rots your brain. I just needed to reiterate that as well. I've been watching far too much daytime television this winter break, and I just hope that my IQ hasn't dropped by the time I get back to school...

Nothing really exciting is going on though. I'm really quite bored lately, and I think I need to go out more. Yeah... but there really isn't that much to do. Ah well...
- Traegorn

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