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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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I wish I knew more Latin.
Posted Jan 8, 2004 - 0:05:45

I like throwing about Latin quotes - the few I know at least. It's just... fun I guess.

I'd like to have a neat Latin phrase for everything... sadly, UWEC rarely offers it's Latin courses (although they're still in the catalog.) I'd take Latin, just so I could throw around a random phrase or two, placing the phrases appropriately in various writings of mine...

But I digress. Yesterday was... interesting. My parent's cat Andy went into convulsions on the living room floor yesterday. Andy is 17 (which is pretty old for a cat), has been having kidney problems, and also has a third level heart murmur. My parents took him to the vet, and it turns out that it was his kidney problems that caused the convulsions. This might not happen again, the vet said, but we have to keep Andy hydrated. The cat's up and hopping around normally today (although he smells like vet's office still), and seems to be alright. Before we went to the vet, we were talking about maybe ending up putting Andy to sleep - but since he's not in any pain right now, we're going to put that idea back in the drawer (thank the Lord and Lady.)

My sister heads back to Washington DC tomorrow; her flight is in the evening. It's been nice seeing my sister these last couple weeks, and I'm going to miss her.

I'm going to start doing the Dean Campaign Meetup thingie when I get back to Eau Claire. I want to be more politically active, as I feel I've kind of waned in that aspect. I've also added a couple links to the site menu (look to the left) to Feingold and Dean campaign's respective websites.

Clark's gaining on Dean in the polls, which isn't that bad a thing -- since it's just the national polls, and those will flip-flop six ways 'til tuesday before the nomination goes up -- not to mention, Dean didn't lose any support. Clark's support seems to mainly be siphoning off of Kerry's campaign. I'd mostly like to see a Dean-Clark ticket in November. I think that's the winning team.

And Howard Dean's resemblance to Bartlet on the West Wing makes me smile.

Ah well, back to Amplitude and That 70s Show reruns...
- Traegorn

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