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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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That's not America, that's not even Mexico...
Posted Jan 6, 2004 - 0:42:31

Several things on the docket today, some personal, some entertaining. Sadly, none as impassioned as my last rant.

First off, today my brother, sister and myself drove down to Chicago to see my Grandma and Grandpa Delin (my mom's folks). We sat down for lunch together, which was nice. My Grandma made an excellent Quiche Lorraine (contrary to popular opinion, not only do real men eat quiche -- real men love quiche. Heck, Bond even makes one in A View To A Kill...), and we had brownies for dessert (yum!). My sister then filled the rest of the time showing my Grandparents her photos from her Europe trip last summer. It was good.

In other, far less relevant news, my brother, sister and I had a fairly lengthy conversation about funny commercials during our car drive down to Chi-town. My brother described probably the funniest thing I had ever heard of -- so I had to hunt down a video clip of it. It was a commercial my brother had seen while he was living down in Columbus (Ohio), back when he was in school. The commercial is best described as the "Trunk Monkey" commercial... I could go into details, but it's much more effective if you just watch it yourself. You can find a copy of the video on this page. Watch it. It's f***ing hilarious.

In more relevant-but-not-me stuff, I found an interesting article about the Dean campaign, and what a race between Bush and Dean might look like. No more is it a case where "Dean would be the easiest Democrat to beat." Instead, the Republicans are actually worried. Yeah. In any case, you can read the article yourself.

Also, Mark Hammil is guest starring on the Just Shoot Me rerun. That's disturbing.

Oh, I also finally saw the MTV version of Volcano High. Volcano High is a funny Korean martial arts film, based of a comic of the same name. The MTV dub features a bunch of Rap stars as the Voice Actors. The voice acting isn't that bad though (I was a little worried), and the translation was more accurate than I thought it would be. The only thing that bothered me was that it sounds like they replaced the soundtrack. The original had a hardrock, industrial sound to it. The new MTV soundtrack has a rap/hip-hop soundtrack... which I think ruins the mood in some scenes.

Well, that's about it right now. I have nothing more to add for the day.
- Traegorn

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