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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Servatis a Periculum, Servatis a Maleficum
Posted Dec 30, 2003 - 13:56:35

So, today's title has nothing to do with the update - other than the fact that I've been listening to the Evanescence "Fallen" album way too much lately...

Last night I finally got off my ass and went out. I first went over to Chris (Winchester) and Heather's (Faery) apartment. Derek (Roach) was there too, and we watched probably one of the worst films ever made: Cheerleader Ninjas.

The best way to describe this film, is to say it was like watching a high school media movie if nudity was allowed. (Okay, so for non-Tosa East people, a "Media Movie" is a bad student film produced in my old high school's 'English' course 'Media'... I was in two of them, my own "Horrors of the RPG" and Winchester's "A Day in the Life of Us"). So, while occasionally funny, it was overall a god-awful production.

Afterwards, Derek and I headed out, and went over to his house. We played a little Dance Dance Revolution (which I badly suck at...), and then played the games associated with the "EyeToy"... which were oddly addictive. I had seen the EyeToy before, and thought that the games were kind of weird and stupid looking... but I was wrong. Oh yes, they're incredibly weird... but they're fun as well. I was surprised at the accuracy of the camera as well. Wow.

So, I headed back home afterwards. It was about midnight then, which if I were in Eau Claire wouldn't seem that late... but in Milwaukee the definition of late has always gotten redefined to an earlier time for me.

I, of course, did not immediately go to bed or anything. I was up to about 4am watching various television programs, and a couple of taped episodes of the West Wing. I love the West Wing so much... I still need to go out and buy the Season 1 DVDs. Yeah.

I've still yet to figure out what I'm doing New Years Eve... maybe I'll just stay at home, and not go out at all. Or maybe I'll go out to a bar or something... I don't know. I mean, part of me wants to go out, but part of me just wants to stay in and not care... I just really don't know what I'm going to do... yeesh.
- Traegorn

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