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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Darkened Dreamland
Posted Dec 24, 2003 - 17:33:14

Note: I'm poor, I need money to eat. If you can spare a $1, $3, $5, whatever -- I would appreciate it so I can make my next webhosting payment, and hopefully my phone-bill too.
My dreams last night were not the pleasant experience that they usually are...

They almost bordered on nightmares. Frankly, if it wasn't for my refusal to be afraid, they would have been.

I think things are starting to catch up with me. I was so determined to finish the semester well, that I put off dealing with my own problems, and now that I'm finally able to stand still again for a moment, it's all catching up with me. And I think it's expressing itself in my dreams...

My dreams last night were intense. They were the type of dreams that you don't just see and hear, but touch, smell, and vividly taste.

Violence, darkness, and sorrow... yeesh. It was like the goth poetry of dreamland. And it was intensely personal, details which might make people uncomfortable - so I won't describe them... details that make me uncomfortable. Feelings that I had thought long dead, and buried were resurfaced... and now I get to deal with those too...

I didn't really think that I was as unhappy as I felt in those dreams... but I've been kind of down all day because of it. I'll be okay though - I've been in worse places... I just really hadn't noticed how I'd gotten until today. I'll probably be about ten times better tomorrow (WOot! PreSeNtS!)

Meh. In anycase, I arrived in Milwaukee safely. The car ride was fairly uneventful, as Sabrina and I get along fine. While that makes a crappy story to share, it did make cross-state transportation more comfortable for me. And I'll take a comfortable trip over an entertaining story to share in my blog anyday... hehe.

Didn't finish my holiday shopping until today... which sucks. Of course, the stuff I ordered ahead of time still HASN'T ARRIVED YET... grrrr... Ah well, notes in boxes it is... yeesh.
- Traegorn

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