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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Sleeping in is good.
Posted Dec 4, 2003 - 18:41:24

I got to sleep in today - which was nice. I've been fairly tired lately, and since Erin didn't have to work today, I got to sleep in two hours later than I usually do on a Thursday. Yeah...

I got my second paper back from Peterson today in AIS/POLS 250, and got another A. Which, while always being a boost, isn't necessarily all that exciting or new. I'm thinking about adding a section of the website for my paper's and articles. I've just got to figure out if I'd use the same script I use for "The Craptacular Web", or the script I use for the mainpage news.

Although the details haven't been settled, I'm going to start hosting the website for The Flipside (the alternative student news magazine I occassionaly write for). It's also likely that I'm going to start helping run the site too - but I have to talk to their current webmaster. In any case, I wouldn't be doing any major design work until after finals. It'll be a nice site to add to my portfolio.

Speaking of my portfolio, I'm thinking about putting out my shingle, and offering web design as a service. I was looking at the websites for a couple of local designers (who shall remain nameless), and pretty much gawked (in a bad way) at their work. These "professionals" had websites that looked straight out of 1996, and man... they weren't copyright dated as that old. I mean, these people are getting paid $30 an hour to put out crap that I could have done in high school. I'm a better designer than these people, and I'm just some guy who does this as a hobby. I figure, if I do a good job with the Flipside's site, I'll have a good enough portfolio to set up shop. Heck, I'll even charge less. $20 an hour, and a free consultation? Heck, not a problem. I'm pretty sure I could resell webspace through my provider - and if I can't, I could just refer people to them (don't even get me started on how much these people over charge for hosting... yeesh). I could do this... yeah.

I've been also thinking about releasing some of the plugins for Newslead (the script producing this text, if you didn't know), but since the site where it used to be distributed is gone - I'd have to distribute the Newslead script as well. This is a problem as I have no idea where to find it's author so I can ask permission. I think I might have found the guy, but I'm not sure... Geh.

- Traegorn

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