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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Johnny can't read, Johnny can't write...
Posted Sep 23, 2003 - 16:53:49

You know what movie I haven't seen in a while? Airheads. That's such a great movie... What? (*ducks, barely missing the airborn hammer*) It is! (*ducks again*) Sorry, but I have a love for that film - I really do.

I mean, it's got a good cast, a funny plot, and one catchy end-theme (Degenerate Degenerate! Degenerate Degenerate!)... cough

I have a love for certain movies from my youth. Like, the horribly innaccurate "Hackers". I mean, "Hack the Gibson" has become a sarcastic part of my daily vocabulary. (And if you don't understand the statement "Hack the Gibson", you obviously haven't seen the movie. If you don't know why it's funny, but you get the reference, you obviously don't know anything about computers). Let me tell you, if hacking was as visually stimulating as that movie depicts, then I would have never been able to get into my old high school's Novell server on a 486 without massive graphic accelerators... yeesh.

And if you think I've ever been a "Hacker", you're funny. Breaking into your high school's network isn't a sign of a Hacker - it's a sign of any kind of computer nerd who was using PCs in the Mid-90's. I mean, come on, those Batch files were virtually ASKING to be altered... I never broke anything (and I eventually got caught... cough)

Got some new character designs done for the Room 825 ressurection I'm currently dubbing "ReEntry". The only character returning so far is Marcus. Why? Long story. But one that will be told. If you liked Will? I'm sorry. If you liked Terry? Too bad. Gone gone gone. But I hope you like Lynn, because she's the new character, and she's sticking around for a while. I'll scan and post some of the character designs for her soon.

Had an exam in Calc this morning. I think I did rather well, but we'll see. I don't like getting my hopes up - I should do well, but I'd rather be surprised and get an A, then expectant and be dissappointed with a B or C. Meh. I did fine.
- Traegorn

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