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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Huh... So, yeah and stuff.
Posted Sep 10, 2003 - 20:28:26

First off, yesterday was my birthday. Happy frickin' birthday to me. I'm 23 now... woot.

I've been busy lately - mostly slamming my head in CS 245... as I attempt to remember how to do things that I used to know extremely well... yeesh... And I've been making some tweaks to's Message Board - which has taken up a good chunk of my "internet freetime".

I went out and bought a WiFi card... which is so convienent it's not even funny. Most of the campus has wireless available, so I can pretty much get online anywhere... which is VERY nice, let me tell you. It's probably the only reason I've been able to check e-mail and stay as not-caught-up as I can.

Went out to the Joynt last night with a whole bunch of people. Erin came with - it was nice being able to hang out with both her and my friends at the same time... I had a good time. Still didn't drink, but y'know. Got to sit down and talk to people I haven't been able to see lately, like Ben. It was fun.

Almost lost my voice today, hawking AAS at BOB (the Blugold Organizations Bash). Made a complete ass out of myself, and had a good time. Made a few bucks too (*grin*). Still need to get a job though... yeah.
- Traegorn

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