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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Not dead - just working.
Posted Aug 19, 2003 - 13:37:41

I've been extremely lax in my updating the site these days, mostly because I've been putting in 50+ hour weeks at work... and after you spend all day on a computer, you REALLY don't want to see it when you get home... yeesh.

On the upside, my paycheck is going to be wicked huge this week... yeah. Bless you overtime, bless you...

I've been doing clerk work for the telephone book distribution warehouse for the current delivery. Heather and Chris are working here too (I got Heather her job, and she got Chris his). Yeah.

For those of you who hadn't heard, the Palindrome (the Eighty-Nine Ninety-Eight) has finally died... in a big ball of black smoke no less. That happened at the end of last month (and I've mentioned it in my blog before). Well, my parents went out looking for a new car last night to replace it. Looks like they're going with an L Series Saturn. You know what makes me sad? They don't make the SL Series Saturns anymore. I love driving our SL2, and I think it's a great car. But Saturn deemed it not-as-cool as that retarded ION. The ION looks like ass, people - and it has normal power steering. I was always a huge fan of Manual-Assist, but that's no more... yeesh.

The ION is the New Coke of cars. They replaced a great product (the SL series) with an inferior one. The ION probably would get a better response from me if they hadn't stopped making my favorite one of their cars in favor of it. Meh.
- Traegorn

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