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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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What to do with the mainpage?
Posted July 2, 2003 - 21:06:20

Okay, boys and girls, I have a quandary (not to be confused with a Quandry, who is a very nice guy who occasionally posts and writes articles for My problem is this: What to do with the mainpage of

The main focus of shifted from me to you back in 2000. Where this site used to be all about me, I've tried to make a conscious effort into turning this into a community site for my friends to post on. One of the steps I took was adding the message board postings to the mainpage, for quicker access.

Lately though, I've been trying to wrestle some design issues with the growing verbosity and frequency of my little updates and monologues in this space. Before they'd be half a page, and posted once every couple weeks. Now they can sometimes border on daily, and will occasionally (although rarely) span pages. So, I've been considering a slight design change.

The design change would replace this mainpage with this one. And while the message board postings are still on the mainpage - they are clearly no longer the emphasized portion of the page. If this is okay with you guys - great. If not? Well then maybe I won't change it. Regardless, I'd like some feedback. You can either send a TRHMessenger blurb to me (Traegorn - but if you have a TRHMessenger login, you should know that) - or chime in on a thread I've started on the message board right here. I'm thinking about experimenting with the message board index too - but the current way of looking at it would still be an option. I value everyone's input - regardless of whether you're a regular, a lurker, or new here (I see the stats for this site - we get lots of "silent" visitors). Heck, if you've been reading the page and you haven't checked into the Message Board, DO SO. I want to know what kind of strange people find my life and friends interesting enough to waste their time with. I mean, yeah - we're good people... but we ain't special.

In other news - Lawnmowers are Satan. Plain and simple. You know what I hate about mowing the lawn? The fact that my hands feel like they're vibrating for hours after I've already locked up the damned mower... That and the fact that it was sunny and in the '80s when I mowed the lawn are making me very anti-lawn care at the moment. I say, let it grow! Grow my grass, grow! May the ground ivy rise up and strangle it's single cylander engine supressor! Power to the plants! Power to the plants!

...cough. Anyways, yeah. Tell me what you think about the possible new mainpage, and post if you haven't. Yeah. I suck at concluding these posts...
- Traegorn

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