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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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How much of Montana do we really need, anyways...
Posted July 1, 2003 - 16:19:30

I've been thinking about this today, I mean really... How much of Montana do we really need to bother trying to keep? I mean really, with all of the crazy militants trying to claim their own tracts of land as "independant" nations, well - couldn't we just give up and let them have it? I mean, if we just said "Alrighty, you're your own country!" then we wouldn't have to provide any sort of protection for their inhabitants... right? No 911 services, no power, no nothin'. You could save the Taxpayers some money, right? Also, it would spare us from having those few who do vote altering the voice of our National Government.

I say, let them have the land. Let them take it over, and deal with it. Then, when some other country (like Canada) invades, we will have one less place to bother defending. Heck, give the seperationists the whole friggin' state! Let's throw in portions of Wyoming while we're at it. No one's using it anyways (I'd say, let's give them Detroit too - but I don't think they'd want it... same with New Jersey).

Okay, so maybe I'm a little behind the times. Making fun of break away Montana crazies went out of style back when "Mr. Show" was still on the air (man, I loved Mr. Show!). And I shouldn't be so harsh on the state of Montana. While writer and public radio personality Sarah Vowell wasn't born there, she did spend a fair portion of her life growing up in that big, empty void of sanity we call a state. Of course, she eventually left Montana... But, I also don't want any gun nuts coming after me and blowing up my house - so I'll just say Montana 'Is very pretty' and back away slowly.

Of course, backing away slowly is what I'm good at. I've been living in the cultural void known as Eay Claire, WI for the last four years. Of course, ironically enough, now that I was offered an out, like any good cultural void or black hole, I'm getting sucked back into it. Yep - I'm voluntarily going back to the place I swore I'd never return to. And I actually seem happy about it (Insert involuntary shiver). And yes, while Erin has been an influence on that, she's not the sole (or primary) reason - and that's the weird part (Insert shrug). Ah well, all things being equal, my life has taken a strange turn... and I kind of like it. I'll be just fine... just fine...
- Traegorn

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