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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Okay, this is becoming scary.
Posted June 29, 2003 - 0:45:09

Not a Screenshot of a MacOkay, so you know how I showed you guys a screenshot the other day? You know, the one saying I'd been making my copy of Windows look mildly like a Mac running OS X using applications from Stardock? Well, it's gotten worse (as you can see from the new screenshot thumbnailed on the upper right of this post.

I've been tweaking an OSX bar I found (you can find it on DeskMod, which I'm not going to bother linking because you can find a link to it on the Stardock website - which I've already linked), and thus proven that my computer will have a massive identity crisis. Hopefully, The Oracle will pull through though.

Took a long walk around the neighborhood while talking on the phone with the Erin tonite. That was good - it's really nice out. It's cooled off a lot, so I had to actually put a coat on tonite.

I think I've found solutions for most problems in my life. Hopefully I'm right, and not just delusional (*grin*). I have been spending way too much time on the computer lately though - I mean, I got so bored that I colored an old image of Duct Tape Boy. (Click HERE to see the visage of Duct Tape Boy in full, non-living-because-it's-a-drawing color.)

In any case, y'all should head on over to the NoBrandCon website and jump in on the boards. Of they're working that is (At the time that I write this post they're down... lord knows why...). I should move the NoBrandCon link down into "TRHAffiliates", since I don't run their site anymore... but I'm lazy. I'll get on it next time I do an update. It's not exactly a pressing issue.

Geh. I think that completes this random, middle of the night update. Yeah... later.
- Traegorn

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