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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Survival of the Trae....
Posted June 16, 2003 - 23:05:21

Oi, so I obviously made it to and back from Eau Claire on yet another lengthy intrastate automotive voyage... Or, in other words, I survived eight total hours in a car alone with Derek, heh. In any case, it was a fun weekend. But before I left, I had to take care of something. See, my brother was also driving up from Ohio, and he had literally no money, so I had to get up pretty damned early and deposit money into his bank account, so he could buy gas... fun. But this caused me to be very tired later that day.

I headed up from Milwaukee for the first four hour half of the journey with he of Roach-ness in tow. Our journey was smooth, and unhindered. That, and we had McDonalds in Tomah. In this Tomah McDonalds, I sadly fell off the wagon, and had caffeine. I did it on purpose this time though, because I was falling asleep while driving, and I'd rather deal with withdrawl again than get into a car accident.

Friday night, Erin and I (and Jamie and Derek) watched some of Buffy, Season 4. I crashed out of sheer exhaustion from the day.

Saturday, we watched more Buffy, and went hiking around Hoffman Hills State park. In said park, I aquired one mosquito bite. One. Erin was covered in bites, as was Jamie... and Derek ended up with multiple bites, and the jackpot - two ticks. Erin and I went out and had dinner at Perkins with Dustin... which was, well... interesting. I like Dustin, and I've already told him what my issue is, and it's not that big a deal... but we'll leave this between him and me. And, of course, we watched more Buffy.

On Sunday, Erin went boating with her family while I went off and moved fire wood for Olaf and his wife Kate with Terence and Jeremy. I ended up getting eaten alive by mosquitos... geh. Afterwards, I had dinner with Erin's family. To end the day, Erin and I collapsed on the futon watching more Buffy Season 4.

This morning, Derek and I resumed the road-age, by driving the return four hour trip back to the suburb of fireflies, Wauwatosa. We, of course, stopped at the McDonalds in Tomah. Yes, the Tomah McDonalds: Official sponsors of me and Derek seeing our girlfriends.

In non-weekend news, the door to my Oldsmobile got jammed OPEN on my mom today, forcing her to drive home from work holding it closed. I did manage to fix it when she got here, but yeesh... My car is dying, folks. My car is dying...
- Traegorn

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