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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Come out Diggin'....
Posted June 5, 2003 - 18:00:31

You know my daddy dug gates for his whole life
And he never knew nothing more
Yeah and his daddy done the dig like his old man
Who had dug before the war
And though she couldn't have known till I was born
My poor mama God rest her soul
Like them I come out diggin'

-"Diggin'", Lyrics by Tim Jensen (Music Yoko Kanno)

Went into see the Orthodontic Surgeon today for a consultation... that was fun... really... Actually, I'm pretty happy after talking with him. The whole procedure is going to take about a half an hour, and we're going to get it done on Monday.


Yeah, I'll be awake throughout the whole procedure, which will suck. But since I'll be on Nitrous the whole time, I won't notice it sucking so much. (*grin*) In any case, I'll be just happy to get this over with. Here's the plan: No more mouth pain. Ever. Let's just get that done, and I'll be happy... sooo damned happy.

I've already submitted my application for re-admission to UWEC, and I fill out my UWM app today. I have to apply for a few job prospects too, so very much to do... yeesh.

This is me, taking a break. Really. Grr....
- Traegorn

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