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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Daytime Television Rots Your Brain.
Posted May 23, 2003 - 15:46:31

Okay, so I really need to go get a job. Is it because I need the money? No. Is it because I'm bored? No. It's because daytime television is killing off my braincells, one by one.

See, it used to be that I'd be asleep until 1pm, go to class/work, and then watch late-night television. I was used to late night TV's stupidity, and was not accustomed to the daylight... and then I started seeing Erin, and my sleep schedule rotated to that of a (gasp) normal person. Then, I went and moved to Milwaukee - where they don't get TechTV on the cable system... so what do I find myself doing at 10am? Watching TV. And you know what I end up watching? Absolute garbage. I swear, I'd forgotten how bad talk shows are. For example, today on 'Maury', the subject of the show was for the audience to guess as to whether the person on stage was a woman or a crossdresser... dear lord...

Well, on the upside, Erin's coming down to Milwaukee tonite. She'll be here for the whole weekend... and frankly I've very excited about that. Very very excited. I know, I know, it hasn't even been a week since I last saw her... but I really don't care. I miss her, dammit! Erin's bringing down Jamie too - and we're going to (weather permiting) barbeque at Derek's on Sunday. That ought to be fun... I think. Unless Derek goes crazy and destroys Tokyo before then. Yeah...
- Traegorn

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