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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Okay, so you all know I'm a geek...
Posted May 20, 2003 - 12:30:20

And here's some proof:
Ultimate Roleplaying Purity Score
CategoryYour ScoreAverage
Has conversations in between massacres
Sensitive Roleplaying46.84%
"But what's my motivation for this scene?"
GM Experience54.35%
Puts the players through the wringer
Systems Knowledge93.22%
Played in a couple of campaigns
Livin' La Vida Dorka64.37%
Goes nuts on the weekends
You are 62.07% pure
Average Score: 66%
I think that my "System's Knowledge" is a little lower than it should be, because I am familiar with several systems that weren't on it's list. What? No Floating Vagabond? Geh...

Anyways, I've made some progress on unpacking my stuff. Went out and saw Matrix: Reloaded last night - which was thoroughly enjoyable, so I don't know what some people were complaining about.

While I was talking on the phone with Erin last night, I fell down the stairs on Derek's deck. No bones broken, and nothing sprained, but I have a massive bruise on my back. It really hurts - and since I was talking on the phone, I twisted and landed on just the right side of my back... hence the bruising. Ow ow ow...
- Traegorn

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