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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Packing packing packing...
Posted Apr 19, 2003 - 16:37:04

Okay, so right now I'm taking a five minute break from packing to write this. Gods, I hate packing. I hate trying to shove everything I own into boxes, to cart it out of my house. Soon to NOT be my house... geh.

My parents are coming up some time this upcoming week to haul stuff down to Milwaukee. Since that could be as early as Tuesday, and I do want to spend time with certain people these next few days, that means I have to pack now (italics are fun!). Part of me is jumping for joy over this move, and another part of me is really unhappy about it. Geh... I don't know.

Spent most of yesterday with Erin, which was fun. Watched the Princess Bride over at Jamie's. Oh yeah, and Derek is full of sh** when it comes to the origin of the book. I pointed out some 'facts' about the film, which he had told me, which embarassingly turned out to be wrong. Geh... Oh yeah, and I pissed off Dustin. No real clue how I pissed off Dustin, but I did none the less. *slams head into wall* Do you ever get that feeling that the universe is playing some sort of grand joke on you? I've had that feeling rather consistantly lately.

Well, updates aside, I should get back to work. I've been updating this almost daily lately, so you might want to check the Blog link up on the left to see if you've missed anything... Or don't. I really don't care.
- Traegorn

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