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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Weekend of Strange... in a good way
Posted Apr 13, 2003 - 22:56:05

Hmmm, how shall I begin... this weekend was screwed up, but in that fun kind of way. I mean, wow... when I got up Friday morning, I can honestly say I knew little of what would await me...

Wow, that sounded incredibly cheesy. Someone smack me or something for that. Sorry.

In any case, after class on Friday, I went to go pick up my paycheck. In a bizarre parallel to two weeks ago, I run into Erin - who apparently now has a habit of picking me up on street corners. She was in the act of kidnapping Jamie (who works at Mancino's, which is in the same strip mall as my employer). Needless to say, I got tossed in the back of the car.

We later grabbed Kristen from Circle, and for purely the purpose to get some decent Indian food, we drove to the Twin Cities. (We ate at an India Palace, I had the Chicken Mushroom... it was very good). We then wandered around Minneapolis until about 10:30 or 11:00 at night. It was cool. We split up, after getting to back to Eau Claire at about 12:30am. I went to Otaku Anonymous, and hung out with Vinnk, Topher, Faery, Ghaleon and the like. All was well... except for Cheryl accidentally punching Vinnk in the face, causing him to bleed profusely. That was bad. Yeah.

On Saturday, I went out to Big Falls with some people from Circle (Erin, Jamie, Angie, Kristen). Man, it was absolutely gorgeous. I can't believe that I missed something so cool that was so close to where I lived all this time. At about 8:00pm or so, we headed back to Angie's, got some Dairy Queen, and watched X-men. Fun. At about 11:30, we headed out. Erin dropped off Kristen at home, and Jamie, Erin, and I rented Harry Potter...

Man, this entry is getting long. Want to really know what happened after that? Well, call me, ya mooks. I do have a phone y'know... yeesh. Either that, or I'm just cheating, and I don't feel like writing everything down.
- Traegorn

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