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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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What the hell is going on?
Posted Feb 16, 2003 - 2:42:38

I... got kicked out of Towers tonight for apparently being angry or something.


Okay, I just have to let you know exactly how confused I am right now. I have only a small understanding of the events that happened tonight, so I'll try to reconstruct them as best I can. I'm assuming, since I have a good deal of respect for Pokey (the RA who kicked me out), that I'm missing something important or that there's been a misunderstanding -- because this isn't something he'd just arbitrarily do.

We (read: a good sized group of people, including Pokey) were in the Towers TV lounge watching Boondock Saints. Now, this film has a good amount of swearing in it. Now, when I watch film with a heavy amount of profanity, I do have a habit of picking up said 'less than prefered' linguistic habit for at least fifteen minutes after. Well, we were watching the deleted scenes, and I pointed out that the "Rule of Thumb" story stated by the "Large Angry Lesbian" was apocrypha (read: I said it was "bullshit"). Instantly, Jen and Larry said I was incorrect. So, I said "Okay, I'll go get you the information"... well, I said it with about three to five swears inserted. Larry said "good, do that" or something like that, and I got up, and slapped a chair. Now, this was one of those light, plastic chair with rounded bars for legs... and I knew it would probably fall when I did it... but I didn't care. Well, maybe I should have. Why?

Because that's when Pokey said "I think you should go". He then said, "As an RA, I think you should leave". I tried to ask him why, and he said "Because when you do things like this, you make everyone uncomfortable"... so, I'm confused.

I wasn't that mad or anything, and except for knocking over the chair, I didn't think that I had done anything that even infered anger. Maybe annoyance - I get annoyed when people don't believe me - but that's why I was just going to leave the room, get my information, and just prove that I was right... geh. But... then that happened. So I left. I wasn't about to fight about it, so I'm just confused... very confused.
- Traegorn

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