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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Posted Jan 15, 2003 - 21:52:19

So... my golden time with Mozilla is finally over. I crashed it.

I don't mean, "I managed to get it to break, but then I rebooted and everything was fine" or anything - that happens with EVERY windows program. No, I managed to "You have now lost all of your history, Mail, cookies and settings" crash it.

Somehow my mail files for my Mozilla profile got corrupted, and it kept freezing the program. If I had, at that point, just deleted my profile and started a new one... it would have been all over then. But no, me being the dumb-ass I am, had to try and MAKE it work... thus screwing things up more. In the end, I had to uninstall Mozilla, and then reinstall it. The only part of my profile I managed to recover were my bookmarks (which are more important to me than you'd think).

Grrrrr. Also, I realized how often I've been updating... so I've set up a blog-style way to view the news updates. Just click on the "Site News/Blog" link on the left navigation to see the Blog-version of the site (which is what this site USED to look like, I might add). Meh.
- Traegorn

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