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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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So, I just got back from Milwaukee...
Posted Dec 30, 2002 - 14:55:02

Ah yes, back in Eau Claire again... how... well...

I think I want to go back to Milwaukee already. Geh. It was so nice being in a town where there are actual PEOPLE. People I tell you! And they live *near* each other. It was so nice.... so nice... I've been living in Eau Claire far too long.

But I did survive the three and a half hour drive with my brother - amazingly we didn't get into a fight the entire time. I love my brother very much, but we disagree quite often. Meh. I do wish I could spend more time with him though.

At least I'm back to a cable modem - I had to deal with dialup access while visiting my parents *shiver*. Dialup is evil. E-frickin'-vil.
- Traegorn

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