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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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Posted Dec 3, 2002 - 3:39:45

So, I went and added another Winamp Skin to the site. It's not really new - it's one I've been using as my primary skin for months... I just hadn't bothered uploading it.

And no, it's not the unreleased Krunk skin.

It's called "The Lake", and it's a picture of... well, a lake. The creativity goes into making it folks, not naming it after.

That entire section of the site needs some updating though... I plan on breaking it down into categories one of these days. When I only had nine skins on there total, it was okay to have it as just one page. These days though, the number of skins has just gotten to high. I need to make it look pretty. Meh.
- Traegorn

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