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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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TRHCommunity App launches...
Posted June 1, 2002 - 23:04:43

Okay, so maybe it's a tad early... but since the whole system was operational...I just couldn't resist launching it. You use the same login as the TRHMessenger - and badda bing badda boom... you get a mostly blank page. Why? Because you haven't customized your layout yet, silly. First off, up top, you'll notice you can launch two neat, new services: "To Do List" and "Notepad".

Now, To Do List is just that - a To Do List. I've taken the liberty of eliminating extra set up time for existing TRHMessenger users - but if you've never used it before, you will have to manually generate your To Do List app the first time through (like I said, existing users don't worry - just click it).

Notepad is a lot simpler. It's just, well, a little notepad. Write in the textfield whatever you like, hit "save", and boom - it'll be there next time you login. And you can change it at anytime.

Next to that is a link to the TRHMessenger - which since you're already logged in, it will automatically know who you are.

Now, here's the part where customization comes in. On the right, just under your incoming TRHMessenger messages, you'll see a pair of links: Module List and My Modules. If you click Module List, you will see a list of items in that space. You can then choose to "ADD MODULE". Now, once you do this, you have added the module to your profile. You'll have to click "Refresh Page" to see the changes - but when you do, whatever content you have chosen will appear in the center. Clicking "My Modules" shows you which modules you have selected, and will allow you to remove them from your list.

I hope that makes sense - I plan on adding more modules soon (the current selection is sparse), and well... it's been many days of little sleep and programming to get it to work. Fun... really.

- Traegorn

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