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The Life of the Traegorn
The Life of the Traegorn
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So, I just talked with the Cops.
Posted Dec 16, 2001 - 7:07:36

Apparently there's been a break in my neighborhood... and apparently I look suspicious walking down the street at 6am on Sunday morning.

So, should I be annoyed at the cops for stopping me... or should I be happy they're watching the area well.

I'm mildly torn. With the treatment of my friend David by these "fine men in blue", I've yet to see the Eau Claire Police Department prove to be anything other than a hassle, and a large pain in the ass. Translated: I'm rather pissed at them.

And I'll be checking the Police Blotter to make sure there really WAS a break in, and that they just weren't looking for an excuse to talk to me - a law abiding citizen.

I mean, really... I am the least likely person to commit a crime in this whole goddamned, a**f*** nowhere town. Reminder, you are the ECPD, not the friggin' FBI... So stop pretending.
- Traegorn

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